D_Noree_2Blogger, speaker, designer, maker, Daniel does it all!

Whether it´s improving ways to apply 3D printing to everyday life, or developing mesmerizing projects to showcase 3D printing –  Daniel knows how to get the job done.

Born and raised in Sweden he quickly realised that he had a passion for making things. Fascinated by the realms of modern production tools he quickly embraced the philosophy of digital design and manufacturing which opened the doors to the world of CAD/CAM.

Push the boundaris of 3D Printing with his “OpenR/C Project”, build and run the CAD/CAM blog TopSolidBlog.com, start up a thriving community with thousands of creative people or winning design awards and inspire others are just some of the things Daniel can check on his to-do list.

Since day one he´s charged ahead to innovate and give as much back to the 3D printing community as he has gotten out of it.


You can read one of the many intreviews with Daniel at Pinshape.com as “Designer of the Month“.