I´ve been trying to put more focus on social media over the last year. More videos on YouTube, more pictures on Instagram, more engagement on twitter etc and it´s alot of fun. So if you want to see more about the 3D printing projects i´m doing , chit-chat about Formula 1 or […]

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I first saw a 3D printer back in 2000 and right then and there i knew i wanted one so bad. But at the time there was no RepRap project and with the price tag of the 3D printers available back then, owning one was nothing but a distant dream. 11 years […]

My story, the 3D printing reel 2017

OpenRC Mini Quad
I have recently started doing some minor updates the OpenRC FPV Mini Quad. Also part of the Mini Quad project is me learning to fly FPV. I haven´t been able to fly that much or at all until recently. I´ve been out 3-4 times now and it´s lot´s of fun […]

Working on Mini Quad updates

Besides being a 3D printing evangelist and great guy Chris Garret is the guy behind the 3DPrinterChat podcast. Chris invited me to the Podcast to participate in two episodes of the podcast. These are intreview style podcasts and the first one is mostly about me and my obsession with 3D pritning […]

Interviewed on the 3DPrinterChat Podcast

This past weekend i was invited to join the crew working on the 3D printed HPD F1 at a local racetrack in Nyköping, Sweden. The HPD F1 is similar the the OpenRC F1 in that it´s a 3D printed F1 car. But that´s also where the similarities end. While the […]

Meetup with the crew behind the 3D printed HPD F1

Bondtech Extruder
Bondtech AB is known for their top of the class extruders. They are also known for their excellent customer service. I´ve had brief contact with Martin Bondéus over the years and recently they decided to support me and my projects with two Bondtech Extruders for my BCN3D Sigma 3D printer. […]

Bondtech AB, new sponsor