OpenRC F1 Dual Color McLaren
So recently BCN3D became a official sponsor by sending me their Sigma 3D printer to use with my projects. Even though the Sigma is something that will be used extensively in my projects i wanted to kick this of by doing a special dual color project. And as this sponsorship […]

New Dual Color OpenR/C F1 – McLaren Edition

BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer
Yes, i can finally break the awesome news! BCN3D based in Barcelona, Spain is now a officila sponsor. I´ve been glancing at their Sigma 3D printer with the IDEX dual extruder system because it´s something i feel would fit right in with my 3D printing projects enabling me to be […]

Exciting news, BCN3D is now a sponsor!

Brook Drumm
I was fortunate enough to get to travel to the US the end of March to attend the Midwest RepRap festival, a 3Dprinter focused event in Goshen, Indiana hosted by SeeMeCNC. My goal going there was to meet as many as possible of all the cool people and companies that […]

Midwest RepRap Festival 2017 – “MRRF”

Talk at Xenter
Yesterday i did my second talk at Xenter in Tumba, Stockholm. This time it was during the Stockholm 3D Printing meetup. The talk was about me, how i got into 3D printing and of Course The OpenR/C Project. The OpenRC Project have very much followed the progress of the development […]

Talk at Stockholm 3D Printing Meetup

So this is a fun and somewhat weird project that´s based on the DrooLoop Super Flowers by Mark Peeters on Thingiverse. The idea is to let the extruder print away from the base shape (vase) and then return leaving a thin loop of filament falling to the side of the […]

Introducing the latest 3DPrinting project: “The Furry Vase”

I´d say where about halfway thru the build by now. This is a really short video but equally important. It´s time to put the rear wing and rainlight/diffuser on the car!