MatterHackers Minute
MatterHackers have a video series where they highlight different designers and projects. In this last episode Mara Hitner talks about me and The OpenRC Project. Check it out below.

Featured on MatterHackers Minute

So i´ve had a (more than one actually) YouTube channels since around 2009. I´ve never felt truly comfortable putting myself in focus on the screen. In the beginning i would avoid filming myself at all costs and i think this i more common than one might think. But since the […]

Testing VIDME, a YouTube alternative?

OpenRC F1 Dual Color McLaren
So recently BCN3D became a official sponsor by sending me their Sigma 3D printer to use with my projects. Even though the Sigma is something that will be used extensively in my projects i wanted to kick this of by doing a special dual color project. And as this sponsorship […]

New Dual Color OpenR/C F1 – McLaren Edition

BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer
Yes, i can finally break the awesome news! BCN3D based in Barcelona, Spain is now a officila sponsor. I´ve been glancing at their Sigma 3D printer with the IDEX dual extruder system because it´s something i feel would fit right in with my 3D printing projects enabling me to be […]

Exciting news, BCN3D is now a sponsor!

Brook Drumm
I was fortunate enough to get to travel to the US the end of March to attend the Midwest RepRap festival, a 3Dprinter focused event in Goshen, Indiana hosted by SeeMeCNC. My goal going there was to meet as many as possible of all the cool people and companies that […]

Midwest RepRap Festival 2017 – “MRRF”

Talk at Xenter
Yesterday i did my second talk at Xenter in Tumba, Stockholm. This time it was during the Stockholm 3D Printing meetup. The talk was about me, how i got into 3D printing and of Course The OpenR/C Project. The OpenRC Project have very much followed the progress of the development […]

Talk at Stockholm 3D Printing Meetup