Filaments at Daniel NoréeI have tested alot of different filaments thru the years and i have learned alot aswell. To get the most out of whatever it is your printing my philosophy is the more you know about the filament your printing the bigger the chance of success. You see not all filaments are the same, even if the “name” says so. There´s so much to learn about polymers, how they behave and why. While different “extrusion houses” make their own kind of formula adding things to the mix to make their own blend it´s hard to know what the difference is. And even though i have only scratched the surface of the world of polymers i thoght i´d share some of the things i have learned about the filaments that get sent to me. So that´s what the filament section on the website is all about.

As i have very limited time i will add things when i get the time, bit by bit. Right now there´s only a few of the “THIS IS HOW I..” videos but they will be accompanied by text and pictures later and of course lot´s more filaments.