OpenRC 220 FPV Mini Quad hardware & electronics

Below is a list of suggested non 3D printed parts needed to get the OpenRC 220 FPV Mini Quad airborne.

Hardware needed:

20x – M3 nuts
16x – M3 screws for motors (supplied with motors)
12x – M3x12 screws
8x – M3x42 screws



Notice that these are suggestions corresponding to what i´m using and should be a reasonable setup in terms of money spent. I will try to aquire these exact products and base a “build with me” video series on that setup.

Flight controller


4 in 1 ESC’s

FPV Mushroom Antenna (SMA Version)

FPV Camera




Tiny RC receiver instead of the one coming with the transmitter above (Limited range)

Alternative RC receiver to the aboe with longer range

Alternative transmitter/radio (Black)

Alternative transmitter/radio (White)

Receiver for alternative transmitter/radio above

FPV Googles

M3 nylon hex screw, nut, spacer, stand-off, for the flight controller/ESCs stack


If you don´t have a charger for the battery:

Battery charger

Power supply for charger



Runcam 3 for recording HD video

Extra padding for goggles

FPV Receiver for Smart Phone (USB OTG)

Soldering Kit

There are also tools needed such as soldering iron, heatshrink tubing etc.


Please report anything you find that something may be inaccurate, should be replaced or is simply missing from this list in the community on either Google+ or Facebook