McLaren F1Last week it was finally time for the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. If your a 3D printing enthusiast the TCT Show is just the right place to spend a day or two. I was able to go this year much thanks to ZYYX sponsoring the trip and also CreativeTools for allowing me to take a few days of at the last minute.

Obviously there is much to see as far as technology goes at the TCT show but i had a different agenda. An event like this gather many of the 3D printing community members i communicate with on a regular basis. So i wanted to take the opportunity to meet as many as i could during the day i would spend at the show.

Ben & me

The TCT Show EPIC Badge!..

Ben Hawksworth  from Hawk 3D Proto invited me to hang out at his booth whenever during the day and he also hooked me up with a epic exhibitor badge (see picture).  It was awesome to finally meet Ben, he´s one of the most humble and nice people i have ever met. I was lucky enough to get to hang out with the Hawk 3D Proto team together with some other cool people from the community during the day and evening i spent there.

One of the people i had really looked forward to meeting was Richard Horne (RichRap) and so it was great to have a chat with Richard and also Ben Malouf at the Lulzbot booth. Another person i had not met before was Braydon Moreno of Robo 3D.  I was curious about the story of Robo 3D and thus it was cool to get the story first hand. Also meeting Thomas Sanladerer was a first timer and as expected Tom is a down to earth kind of guy and it was a true pleasure to finally meet him aswell. I was also very fortunate to get a chance to sit down with Sarah Goehrke, Editor-In-Chief at, an amazing spokes person for 3D printing and incredibly busy. The day went by and i got to meet so many awesome people like Alex from Proto-Pasta, Josef Prusa, the BCN3D team, Simone Fontana, the ColorFabb team,  Joseph Casha, the E3D Team, Evan Morgan and many, many more. It´s interesting to see how welcoming everyone of the 3D printing communty is. Even though many of us have never met before it´s like being part of a huge family and such a great family at that!

In Conclusion from the Tct Show in Birmingham

All in all, the day went by a little to quickly as i would have liked to spend more time with these awesome people but hopefully i get to do that in a not so distant future!