3D Printing Rocks

The 3D Printing Soundtrack – #3DPrintingRocks

If your like me then sometimes you might need to get into that creative zone. You know kinda like giving it a little push just to get the ball rolling. So i decided to share a 3DprintingRocks Soundtrack playlist that i listen to from time to time to get the positive vibes coming!

Music for inspiration

Listen On SpotifyMusic is a great way for me to get motivated and to keep the inspiration flowing. The kind of music i listen to varies, sometimes it´s classic rock, other times it´s more to the heavy metal side or punk rock but i also listen to Hip Hop and other genres like dubstep, dance, pop etc. But this one´s mostly classic rock as a kind of soundtrack to the “#3DPrintingRocks” campaign which is all about getting more rock into the world of 3D printing! So check out the 3DPrintingRock playlist on Spotify and stay tuned for more playlists!

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