Airwolf3D Shows OpenRC F1 At CES 2016

To show of the capabilities of their new Axiom line of 3DPrinters Airwolf3D set out to print a OpenRC F1 car. Apparently they liked it so much they made 3 of them and on top of that they are included as one of the main show pieces for CES 2016 trade show.


As the Axiom 3D Printers are as versatile as they come Airwolf3D used a variety of materials for the car including PLA, PETG, Polycarbonate and Taulman3D´s Alloy 910 that are well suited for a R/C car. And still those are just a few of many materials the Axiom 3D printers can handle.

Full Story

As Airwolf 3D have done a great writeup on the project over at their website i highly recommend you head over there and check out the full story of their OpenRC adventures on their blog.


CES 2016

This week the CES 2016 is held in Las Vegas, USA. Be sure to check out Airwolf3D and the 3D Printed OpenRC F1 cars in their booth #72617. While in their booth don´t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win your very own 3D Printed OpenRC Formula 1 car!


Want to 3D Print your own OpenR/C Formula 1 car? Head over to and download all files needed to get going!