Build guides for the OpenRC F1 car by the community

OpenRC F1 Build GuidesThere´s a major difference between developing a project like the OpenRC F1, building and iterating several on the way to the released model and for someone new to the project to download, 3D print and build their very first. Therefor a build guide from me might not be the most clear and understandable option for someone deciding to build one of their own. Luckily there´s a great community around the OpenRC project that got this covered! Below are a few build guides with some tips & tricks for anyone who wants to 3D print and build a OpenRC F1 of their own.

Thanks to the creators

Obviously a huge thanks goes out to everyone helping out and sharing their experiences gathered while building the OpenRC Formula 1, you are the ones that make the OpenRC Project what it is.

Please give it up for the awesome people that put in the time and work to make the below guides, you guys are awesome!

The First Steps in Building the OpenRC F1 Car – By Jason King

How To: 3D Print and Build an F1 RC Car – By MatterHackers

3D Printing – Open RC F1 Car / Lulzbot Mini – By Brian Muramatsu

3D Printing the OpenRC F1 Car & Sourcing Parts – By TinkerMake

#OpenRC F1 Project – By Jeffrey Wright

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Not that i think you need to after cheking out the above guides but if for some reason you still want to you can find my build guide, follow the below guide to Instructables, including the “Build With Me” videos also available on YouTube.

3D Printed 1:10 OpenRC Formula 1 Car