Flying Babyhawk Quad FPV

I´m no pilot. In fact i´m pretty horrible at this quadcopter FPV stuff. But that doesn´t mean i have less fun. In my search for ways to learn FPV i bought a small (or tiny actually) quadcopter so i could fly indoors whenever the weather outside wouldn´t allow me to fly the OpenRC FPV Mini Quad outside. Sure i´ve got simulators to but it´s just more fun flying the real thing even if it´s tiny! =)

What i really want to do

What i really want to do is get outside and do some flying in the winter wonderland we´ve got here right now. But in lack of places to fly and the fact i´m not confident enough yet that will have to wait.

Taking a break

So the other day while packing up things for the big move i decided to take a brake and do some flying around the corridors at the place we were at. Lot´s of fun to fly in new places even though i was hitting the walls a little too much in the end. Good times nonetheless! Watch the video below.


Quadcopter: Emax BabyHawk

FPV Goggles: Skyzone SKY02S V+