FPV Camera Mount For OpenRC F1 2

OpenRC F1 FPVWho wouldn´t want to race around the track in a Formula 1 car? I know i would, that´s for sure! However, as exciting as that seems the chance  of that happening is probably something like 0.000001%.

OpenRC F1 Goes FPV

So while i keep dreaming of that to happen what i can do is similiar to the OpenRC Mini Quad and mount a FPV camera on the OpenRC F1 car and race around the local parking garage!

3D Printed Mount

OpenRC F1 FPVWhat i´m using is a Camera/Transmitter combo powered via the radio receiver. The 3D printed mount is based on a earlier design by Peter Tibemo that din´t quite fit my camera so i redesigned for a better fit with my camera. The files (STL & STEP) can be downloaded on YouMagine and the camera/transmitter i´ve got can be found here.

Race video coming as soon as iv´e got some time!

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2 thoughts on “FPV Camera Mount For OpenRC F1

  • Montee

    Hi Daniel, I am very interested in the idea of fpv on your F1 model. I would like to incorporate a micro servo into the lid to pan the camera module for the addition of head tracking. My one problem is I cannot seem to find a source file for the 2017 lid. Is there a link you could point me toward?

    • DanielNoree Post author

      Hi Montee, the “lid” on the 2017 car is exactly the same as the original version.

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