Meetup with the crew behind the 3D printed HPD F1


This past weekend i was invited to join the crew working on the 3D printed HPD F1 at a local racetrack in Nyköping, Sweden. The HPD F1 is similar the the OpenRC F1 in that it´s a 3D printed F1 car. But that´s also where the similarities end. While the OpenRC F1 is designed to be very simple the HPD F1 is a competition grade car. At a first glance the difference might not be obvious but when looking closer and especially driving it the difference is like night and day. It really does move around the track like if it´s glued to the asphalt. Super fun to drive and race. You should definitely check it out.

Download for free

The original HPD F1 design was done by Kent Asplund and the original version can be found on Thingiverse.

360 video

Before i (as i always do) crashed my F1 car i put the 360 camera on top of the OpenRC F1 and took it around the track. Check out the video below.