New Dual Color OpenR/C F1 – McLaren Edition

OpenRC F1 dual color Mclaren renderThe Spanish connection

So recently BCN3D became a official sponsor by sending me their Sigma 3D printer to use with my projects. Even though the Sigma is something that will be used extensively in my projects i wanted to kick this of by doing a special dual color project. And as this sponsorship came just in time for the Spanish F1 GP and that the spaniard Fernando Alonso drive a McLaren what better than to release a dual color McLaren version of the OpenR/C F1 car just in time for the Spanish GP?

Dual Extrusion system only

Unlike the previous dual color OpenR/C F1 this one is meant to be printed on a 3D printer capable of printing in dual colors, such as Sigma 3D printer from BCN3D.

You can download the files and print your own, files are available at Pinshape.


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