New Exciting YouTube Venture

I love snow, i really do. And it´s one of the reasons we decided to move from Stockholm further north, closer to winter. Looking at the options we quickly fell in love with the small town Järvsö som 350km north of Stockholm and we have been calling this place our home now for the past 6 months.


Järvsö MediaFarmWe have had a amazing time since the move, we have had lot´s of old friends come up and hang out and we have also met so many new and awesome people that we now call friends. It´s amazing how welcome you are here as a newcomer.

Järvsö MediaFarm

Being into YouTube i searched for people in and around Järvsö that would be making YouTube content and it turned out it wasn´t easy. I found one dude though that make amazing videos, Andreas Fransson who´s not only a top notch videographer but also a professional photographer. I contacted him upon moving and we quickly became friends. Together we strated a project called “Järvsö MediaFarm” that is a project to create media focusin on our own YouTube channels but also find others who make videos about things happening in Järvsö such as Downhill biking or Skiing & snowboarding.

New YouTube Project

Järvsöbacken YouTubeI have also been given the opportunity to start up and maintain the local ski resorts brand new YouTube channel. It´s incredibly exciting, kinda starting from scratch with a new channel but still building on the solid brand that JärvsöBacken is. I will be reporting on what´s going on around the mountain adding my own style and some funs stuff along the way. So if you want to see what i´m up to during winter make sure to check it out. It´s in Swedish though so even though everyone is welcome it´s primary audience is snowloving Scandinavians. Check it out here.

Separating My Social Media

While i started most of my own social media channels focusing on the english language i have come to realise i want to make more content in swedish and not necessarily always about 3D printing. Most of my followers are those interested in 3D printing, so for those of you that want to follow my everyday life and in Swedish i have created a new Instagram account for that. That means my other Instragram will mainly focus on 3D printing again and also  english only. This summer i also started makin more Swedish YouTube videos on my second YouTube channel for those that want to follow up on that!