OpenRC F1 Bearing Kit From

OpenRC_F1_Sealed_Bearing_Kit__05706.1447670489.1280.1280Great news, American Bearings retailer now offers a dedicated sealed bearings kit for the OpenR/C Formula 1 car.

Go get your own over at their website.

Fast Eddy Bearings

“ is our retail outlet for individual hobby bearings and bearing kits. We offer the absolute highest quality bearings for an incredibly discounted price. Our items include Rubber Sealed bearings, Metal Shielded, Open, and Flanged. We offer quality metal bearings as well as ceramic.

Team FastEddy entered the hobby business in 1999 as a major supplier of ball bearings to other hobby companies and manufacturers. Chances are you may be using our bearings and not even know it. As our hobby interests grew so did our product lines. In 2006 we started using our own brand name “Team FastEddy” for out 5th scale products and are now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of High performance products for the HPI Baja and other 5th scale R/Cs. You can find our products in hobby stores worldwide.”

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