New Exciting YouTube Venture

I love snow, i really do. And it´s one of the reasons we decided to move from Stockholm further north, closer to winter. Looking at the options we quickly fell in love with the small town Järvsö som 350km north of Stockholm and we have been calling this place our […]

Järvsöbacken YouTube

Creative Tools at 3D Meetup 2018

I Quit My Job, Have No Plan And I´m Super Excited About It! 3

I like my job, i love my amazing co-workers but still, something tells me that there´s something else out there. I´m not sure what it is exactly but my gut tells me to take a chance and roll with it! So that´s why today, September 28 is my last day […]

Updated RunCam 3S Action Camera Released

I´ve used a RunCam 3 to get HD footage while flying the OpenRC Mini Quad and even though it might not be as good as a GoPro session in terms of specs i think considering the price it was a reasonable alternative. Check this video if you want to see […]

Updated RunCam 3S Released

OpenRC F1 100k giveaway

OpenRC F1 100k Downloads Giveaway 7

So a while back the OpenRC F1 car reached 100.000 downloads on It had a slow start but it really took of last year and it´s been amazing seeing all those builds and of course all the improvements posted as remixes. The OpenRC community is great and i´m honored […]