4WD Touring Concept aluminium chassis

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paperben asked 4 years ago

Hi Daniel,

First thing first, thank you for sharing all this Open RC models, it’s wonderfull and i know how much time it is for created a such huge project, special thanks for nerd like us hahaha!!

The job is impressive, at this time i’m finished printed all the parts of the Open RC F1 model, i just waiting for electronic material.

I will posted some pictures when my build is done, can wait to test it !

But im also interested by the 4wd touring concept car, to create a powerfull winter rallye car !!!As you build it on an aluminium chassis plate , so maybe have you a blueprint, plan,… for this ? so i can make one in a cnc.

Thanks in advance, sorry my bad english…

Best regards from Switzerland,


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DanielNoree answered 4 years ago

Hi Ben,

among the files are a stl for the complete bottom plate, or you can use the one in the STEP assembly to create a DXF if needed for lasercutting/milling etc. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:83024/files