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wescrock asked 4 years ago


I just started working on this project and I am quite excited to do it. I was wondering, though, is there an always-up-to-date download available? I ask because I am already finding that I probably need to reprint the rear chassis (the first part I printed) because the 2017 files have an updated one. I’m also not sure about dependencies… i.e.: do I need the 2017 updates to install the 2018 updates?

A single download of all the up-to-date designs would be greatly appreciated and very helpful

Thank you,


DanielNoree replied 4 years ago

Hey Wes,

good question! I´m actually working on something like this. A place where you can download all the parts needed for the latest (always up to date) version of parts. Lot´s of other things needs my attention at the moment but i´might do a list with links or similiar until it´s done.

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DanielNoree answered 4 years ago

An update on this question. I´m currently working on a 2019 version and for this one i´ll release a complete set of files.

Niek replied 3 years ago

Very Nice, when will you release this?