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D_Franck asked 4 years ago

I have already printed the F1 car and it´s great but i have decided i also want to add electronics so i can take it for a spin every now and then. Is there a list on what to get and recommendations for sources?

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DanielNoree answered 4 years ago

There are currently two sources to get the electrnoics from. There´s 3DPrintNPack selling two kits, one with and one without the charger. There´s also a list of parts listed on Banggood aswell as Hobbyking. You can find a link to the electronics page above in the dropdown menu or use the link below.

Electronics & Hardware suggestions & sources for the OpenRC projects.

gustavoreis replied 4 years ago

is there any prediction of when there will be new kits for sale? me and my friends printed 6 cars, but now we can’t buy. Cheers from Brazil