What filament is best for printing tires?

OpenRC Q&ACategory: Formula 1What filament is best for printing tires?
Terje asked 5 years ago

I´m currently building the F1 and will be starting with the tires soon. I wonder what filament will give the best grip while driving? Will something like a flexible PLA work?

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DanielNoree answered 5 years ago

Tires are tricky and while i would love to have 3D printed tires that would work just as good as store bought tires that´s not possible atm. That said even though 3D printed tires won´t offer much grip there´s a special feeling being able to drive something where you have gone to the exent to even print the tires. And so basically the softer filament you can print the better. At this time the best option i have tried is NinjaFlex or equivalent TPU filament with a Shore value of 85A. Even though you won´t be able to match off the shelf tires you can actually get a fairly decent result by tweaking some settings.

Check out this video on how to print the F1 tires: https://youtu.be/GRyA-5lrgd0