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SherbetYeti asked 4 years ago


Just wondered what is the max size (dimentions wise) battery that will fit in the RC F1 car. I am currently in the process of printing the parts and wanted to order the electronics.

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DanielNoree answered 4 years ago

It´s actually hard to say as the inside of the car has a very variable shape and i´ve seen people using all kinds of batteris and placing it in many different ways.
But to get a sense of the space available i made a simple drawing (see attached file) with a box which will give you a rough estimate of the space available. One have to consider that other components also need to fit in there along with the battery. To be 100% sure, download the STEP file of the OpenRC F1 assembly, open it up in your favourite CAD software and create a simple block representing your battery so you can see if it will afit and/or you can try other sizes aswell and maybe even add other components.

SherbetYeti replied 4 years ago

Thank You!