Motor size for F1 car

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TheBlueMelon asked 3 years ago

I was wondering what the motor size is for the F1 car. I have a Traxxas Esc and 550 size 12t motor. Will they work with the F1 car?


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kbobdunn answered 3 years ago

I just got a traxxas esc and motor setup in mine. I\’m not sure which motor it is. It was one a friend of mine had laying around. I think it\’s the stock motor from a traxxas slash 4×4. To get it to fit I had to trim one of the rear axle carrier because the motor was too long to fit without it. I also had to do some trimming on the motor cover. I did both of the with dremel tool. Also had to ditch the rear cover on the motor.

kbobdunn replied 3 years ago

Also the pinon gear included in the files work but i had to put it on backwards due to not enough lentgh on the flat section of the shaft