Source for the Tamiya F104 tires?

OpenRC Q&ACategory: Formula 1Source for the Tamiya F104 tires?
Terje asked 5 years ago

My printer isn´t ideal for printing flexible materials like NinjaFlex and from what i´ve seen others comment they offer very little to no grip at all anyway. Others seem to use tires for the F104 as a better alternative to printed tires but is there a recommended source for those tires?

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DanielNoree answered 5 years ago

There´s a link to F104 tires on Amazon on the Electronics page up in the dropdown menu (link below aswell) but you can search any R/C website for "F104 Tires" or even ask in your local hobby shop.

As far as rims goes just search "F104 Rims" on Thingiverse and you´ll find them. Good luck.

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