Truggy best gear ratio?

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edge asked 4 years ago


I’m quite now to the RC world and amazed by the nice details of the different open source projects.

I do want to start my own OpenRC design, but I’m not sure what gearbox ratio to use. (2 stage)

(Ofc I want to print the gears.)

I’m also targeting a 1/10th model scale, truggy style/usage.

I do have:

  • wheels: 110 mm
  • diff will propably by: 1:2 ratio.
  • motor: “540 Motor 60A ESC Carbon Brushed Shaft 3.175mm For 1/10 RC Car” (from banggood)
  • battery: 11.7 Volt

I’ve no clue what this motor speed is and what speed to target, with printed gears..

Thanks for any detaild information.

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DanielNoree answered 4 years ago

Hello edge,

As far as the OpenRC Truggy goes you find the spec sheet here for reference. You can also have a look at the OpenRC Truggy Gearbox by Thingiverse user "hylpro".