The Largest 3D Printed OpenRC F1 In The World 3

I don´t think Joel Telling aka “The 3D Printing Nerd” is unknown to many in the 3D printing community. Joel is a successful YouTuber and he posts projects, reviews, interviews and much more on his channel aswell as on many other social media platforms. One of Joel´s trademarks is to […]

Joel Telling

3D-Mässan, trade fair at Xenter, Stockholm focused on AM technology

Busy times now with trade fairs, presentations and regular work. Last week i represented Creative Tools at a trade fair in the south of Stockholm at Xenter. Impressive Lineup At the fair, 3D-Mässan arranged by Xenter and SVEAT we and other companies from all around Sweden showcased 3D-printing in all kinds of […]

3D-Mässan - Daniel Norée

Article on Swedish “Verkstadsforum” website

“Swedish 3D design has high class. We have seen ample evidence of that in recent years with a series of awards for the blue and yellow product designers. Here´s another one: It’s Daniel Noree who won one of the “2013 Golden Gear Awards” – in the category “Top Open Engineering Project”, awarded by” […]