Talk at Stockholm 3D Printing Meetup

Talk at Stockholm 3D printing meetupThe OpenRC story

Yesterday i did my second talk at Xenter in Tumba, Stockholm. This time it was during the Stockholm 3D Printing meetup. The talk was about me, how i got into 3D printing and of course The OpenR/C Project. The OpenRC Project have very much followed the progress of the development of desktop 3D printers and the materials we use. In the beginning there was not to choose from in terms of material and the quality wasn´t what it is today. Still for me, just being able to materialise one´s ideas was more than good enough. Starting of with the Truggy which main purpose was for me to learn how far i could take my design work and my 3D printing skills in terms of making something durable enough as a R/C car.

Positive feedback

I got to met alot of great people and the positive feedback was very much appreciated. Over all a very rewarding evening. Huge thanks to Xenter for arranging the meetup and allowing me to speak about me and my 3D Printing endeavours. If your interested in attending a meetup at Xenter, check the Stockholm 3D Printing Meetup page.

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