Testing VIDME, a YouTube alternative?

VidmeSo i´ve had a (more than one actually) YouTube channels since around 2009.

Making videos

I´ve never felt truly comfortable putting myself in focus on the screen. In the beginning i would avoid filming myself at all costs and i think this i more common than one might think. But since the last year or so i´ve really tried to up the ante in terms of my YouTube game, both in terms of appearance and presence. I think it´s been going pretty much ok so far but i really feel i haven´t found my place yet. But i guess it might also be one of those things you have to do over and over again and sooner or later good things will happen.

3D printing on Vidme

Anyway i bumped into another video sharing site, VIDME and going thru a couple of videos about it on YouTube (the irony) i decided to try it out. So i created a account and uploaded one of my videos and i guess all was good. Sure it´s not exactly feature packed but hey, i guess at it´s core it´s all about the content right? So, i started to look around for like minded, thinking i´d bump into at least some channel focused on 3D printing or even related stuff but… ZERO, NADA. To my big dissappointment i found nothing in the lines of my own channel and/or interests. Sure, it´s not like i expected another YouTube, i realised that this is a tiny community in comparison. But come on, i honestly thought i´d find something.

So the conclusion is i´ll focus on YouTube for now and let´s see what happens to VIDME in the future.

If you´d like to check out VIDME you can start by checking out my page which you will find here.

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