The Multipurpose GoPro Rig

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

I wanted some sort of rig for my GoPro together with a external microphone.
So i decided to try to something that could be held in multiple ways aswell as put it on a flat surface like a table. The result came out as a 3D printed C-shape design handle to be used with my 3D printed GoPro Hero 3 frame with a quick release.



GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

I did a few iterations and the one i liked the most was just like the one i released now but i split it in half so you could hold it with both hands. Unfortunately the loss of material on each side made it all a little to flimsy so i ditched that idea rather quickly. So i wanted to be able to hold it in a top handle or holding it in front of me and also being able to use it with a “selfie angle” aswell as i wanted to be able to just set it down on a flat surface.


3D Printing

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

For this project i used the ZYYXpro 3D printer with the proCarbon filament which is carbon fiber infused nylon which makes for a impact resistant and rigid design. As this is the only setup/combo i´ve used for this project the design is somewhat optimised for that setup. So if you use other materials you might (might) have to adjust settings or the design itself. Print one and see, who knows maybe you´ll like it.

Get The Files

You can find both the STL files and the complete assembly STEP file on this page.