The OpenRailway Project

OpenRailway_1810x500While the OpenR/C Project and the Truggy in particular was aiming for durability I wanted a complement focusing more on projects that demanded a higher level of detail.
After growing up with a father who is a model train enthusiast, designing and 3D print model trains and related things seemed like a perfect idea! And so The OpenRailway Project was born.

I launched the OpenRailway Community on Google+ to create a space for 3D Printing Train enthusiasts to get together to share thoughts and ideas.

To get things moving i wanted to create a project to gain interest and decided that the famous American EMD SW1500 Diesel Switcher in 1:32 scale would make a good project to make that ahppen. So after many hours of researching and designing the first project was born.

The community on Google+ is quietly growing. It´s yet a small community but with faithful members sharing ideas and projects with each other. As it happen, Daniels father Göran Jonsson is a leading contributor to the project.


If you want to know more about the project you can read this article on or check out the EMD SW1500 switcher below.



EMD SW1500
by Daniel Norée
on Sketchfab