THIS IS HOW I – ColorFabb HT

ColoFabb are experts in many things 3D printing and Co-Polyesters is a area where they really show this. Their latest Co-Polyester HT is a high end filament for demanding applications.

High Temp & Impact Resistant

ColorFabb HT is a special co-polyester from dutch company ColorFabb. It´s a co-polyester that´s impact resistant and have a high heat resistance. ColorFabb told me that they think it´s the ultimate material for R/C enthusiasts. It does need higher temperatures to print and thus is not for everyone. But if your looking for something tougher this one might be worth checking out.


A alternative to HT that´s not as demanding to print is their nGen Co-Polyester which prints like butter and have characteristics more of a “allround filament”.


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