MatterHackers crewMatterHackers are about 8873.50 kilometers from where i am. Despite that they are never further away than a email or a DM. Always answering and always with a smile on their face. MatterHackers have been supplying me with a variety of filament from their selection. Always good high quality stuff and a personal favourite is the carbon fibre infused “NylonX” which is a great material suited for many of the projects i do that are focused on durability.

Short But Sweet

Even though i have only met some of the good folks at MatterHackers once but i already got the feeling that i´m part of the family.

MatterHackers Minute

Check out me and the OpenR/C Project being featured in the “MatterHackers Minute” hosted by Mara Hitner on their YouTube Channel.

Check Them Out

Check out their website here.