OpenRC FPV Mini Quad V1.5

This is a updated version of the OpenRC 220 FPV Mini Quadcopter which was the second quadcopter to join the OpenRC product family back in late 2016.

OpenRC FPV Mini Quad V1_5

Design And Materials

It´s a modular, “self-supporting” design meaning that the design is as strongest when put together with all the other parts. This is a 220mm size using 5″ props and the idea is to print all parts in a somewhat flexible material to allow for better impact resistance in a way that a material like Nylon for example will allow some “give” and thus better absorb a hard impact from a crash. The parts alone will feel “too flexible” but once they are in place and properly secured with screws it´s rigid enough.

The Updates

Since the release of the original design i´ve done quite alot of flying and also crashing. During this time i´ve added some design changes and the most noteable perhaps being that´s it´s not as “thick” as before. I´ve tested a few versions with different dimensions. What i was looking for was something that would add more of flexibilty than the first version so as mentioned earlier when crashing the frame could absorb impacts but still be rigid enough to fly decent. I ended up somewhere in between so the frame is now 10mm thick. I´ve also done some changes to slots etc, making them slightly wider for a more forgiving tolerance so it doesn´t have to be “perfect”. It still needs to be close though. The entire thing is design around the concept of using a 0.6mm nozzle and 0.3/0.35mm layer height. It´s extremely important to check layerwidth and extrusion multiplier to make sure walls are touching properly.

The “gap” in the arms is also bigger now. All this makes for less rooms for cables from the motor to the 4 in 1 ESC but taking that into consideration at a early stage will make it easier. In general ther´s alot less room just about everywhere so check things will fit before assembly.

Semi Successful Experiment

OpenRC FPV Mini 220 Quad V1_5

As mentioned earlier this design was a experiment and a way to get into FPV. However, while i´d say it came out pretty decent in terms of meeting my design goals like weight and durablity it´s kind of a hassle if you crash and break it. Then you will have to take everything apart.
The “top deck” or battery plate could use a redesign if somebody is up for it. All in all i´m still quite happy with this design and will continue to fly it as much as i can!


While testing i have found that CF/Nylon filaments are the best suited for this design. A CF/Nylon blend like proCarbon by ZYYX or NylonX by Matterhackers will also reduce the weight by approximately 20% while still adding some level of rigidity to the overall design.

As always questions are best asked in the OpenRC Q&A section.

OpenRC FPV Mini Quad V1_5Hardware needed

  • 20x – M3 nuts
  • 16x – M3 screws for motors (supplied with motors)
  • 12x – M3x12 screws
  • 8x – M3x42 screws


A list of proposed electronics are available at the OpenRC Electronics & Hardware page.

STL Files

Drawings and STEP files

All drawings needed for assembly are available on the Thingiverse page of the original design. There´s also no STEP file for the assembly of V1.5 yet. So for now, use the old one.