OpenRC F1 2019 Updates

The 2019 F1 season is upon us with the first race in Melbourne on sunday! I meant to release the first updates for 2019 before the race so it´s about high time i guess.

STL´s can be downloaded here!

Of course there are tons of changes to the real cars but i usually focus on the most noteable parts and this year for me it´s the wings. The front wing having a more simple design aswell as being wider. The front wing is now also positioned a bit further out in front. I have also increased the angle for the delta shape according to the real cars. Many asked for the front wing to be printable laying down so that´s also possible now. I have tried to keep it simple as always but there´s still need for some support being added. The front wing can be further strengthend by adding thickness to the bottom of the wing.

The rear wing has not seen alot of visible changes. It´s slightly wider and have new flaps in center. It´s sometimes been tricky with areas touching support structures as they have been at a angle. This time i have tried to “shave off” material here and there to allow for a better contact surface for support material so hopefully printing it will be easier now.

Im having more design changes/additions in mind but they will have to be added later as there are lot´s of things going on right now. MRRF and the OpenRC F1 World Championships are just around the corner.

The STL´s are uploaded to MyMiniFactory but won´t be available until approved. They will not be available on any of the other 3D file repositories. However STL´s aswell as STEP files are available to Patreons if you can´t wait. Stay tuned and follow my MyMiniFactory page or joins my Patreons.

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  1. Bonjour,
    Félicitations pour le site et vos projets.
    Je viens de réaliser la F1, et je souhaite intégrer sur la carrosserie des inscriptions diverses.
    Comment les réaliser et les mettre en place (collage + résine?)