3D Printed Runcam 3 frame

Runcam 3 on selfie stickRunCam 3

A while back i bought a Runcam 3 camera to use on my OpenRC fpv mini quad so i wouldn´t have to risk destroying my GoPro. Anyway it works great and i´ve got the mount for the quad that seems to work great so far.

Downhill Mountainbiking

Last weekend we went downhill mtb and i wanted to bring the Runcam 3 and use it to get some footage. My GoPro may produce better video quality but i really like the formfactor of the Runcam 3. So i modeled a simple frame to fit  it on GoPro style mounts. This is just one of the things that´s so cool about 3D printing, you see a need for something and with modern technology one can easily just create a digital model and the materialise it using a 3D printer and all this in a very narrow timeframe! To me that´s nothing short of amazing and i love it!

Runcam 3 discontinued

Alot of people have asked me where the Runcam 3 is still available (not produced anymore for various reasons) Banggood does have a limited stock, check their website.

Check out the video below about the Runcam 3 frame: