Runcam 3 Frame

Basic 3D printed frame to mount the Runcam 3 on a GoPro style mount for anyone who want to mount their RunCam 3 to a helmet, selfie stick or similar like you would a GoPro.

3D Printing

3D Printed Runcam 3 Frame
3D Printed Runcam 3 Frame

The compensation done for shrinking is for something like a PLA based material or a PET/Co-Polyester and not for like ABS or Nylon where the level of shrinking is a lot higher.

The frame on the pictures is printed in Flex PLA and feels really good.


As far as the design goes, you can mount the camera in 3 angles and still access the buttons and the mic won´t be covered. All in all pretty happy with this one and i hope you will be too.

STL file


STEP file