Skateboard Trucks

3D Printed Skateboard TrucksNOTE: This is a concept model used for testing and a show model. Never ever use this as a replacement for the real thing! If you decide to try them out, be careful and use proper safety gear. Use at own risk.

This was a weekend project i did for fun and to get my mind of some other projects for a while and again as always see how far i could take it in terms of durability. Also this would be a great opportunity to take some of the Carbon Fiber Infused Nylon filaments to the test.

The Design Approach

3D Printed Skateboard TrucksI have printed both the Base and hanger aswell as the bushings. The skateboard is a cheap one that i took the measurements form and used the existing screws, nuts and washers. There´s also a 195mm long M8 threaded rod that all the way thru that holds the wheel and basically the entire design is highly dependent on this rod. I have tried to take a different approach in regards of the orientation but you can print it anyway you like using support.
This one is printed in thick layers of Carbon Fiber infused Nylon with slicer settings optimised for a strong print. Even though the CF will stabilize the “hanger” to a certain degree, exposed to a high impact the Nylon will flex and the steel rod will most likely bend.

3D Printed Skateboard TrucksVideos:

Full story on the Sk8 trucks and how to make strong & durable 3D prints is available to my Patrons at my Patreon page.

Anyway great fun as a concept model project.

STL Files:

STEP Files:

Skate_Trucks_By_dNoree.stp (Assembly)