Hardware & electronics kits for OpenRC F1

Sourcing hardware & electronics have been a issue from the very beginning. At first i didn´t realise other people would be interested in building these projects so i just took stuff i had laying around at home. Then i sourced from stores that i only learned later didn´t ship worldwide. So it´s safe to say it´s been challenging. There have also been a few offering kit´s thru the years and i´ve had som links to sites like Banggood, hobbyking, amazon etc. I have kept all the links on this website in case it might be useful to know the source of the parts even though the actual links might be dead.

If you want to source parts for the OpenRC F1 specifically there´s a website named RCPrinter.com that offers several kits. You can get everything from fasteners and bearing to electronics. Right now it´s probably the easiest way to get what you need to build the OpnRC F1 car.

RCPrinter.com makes building a 3D Printed remote controlled vehicle more accessible to everyone with hardware and electronics kits to streamline your build and give you the best opportunity for a fun and successful project. We have kits for awesome builds like the OpenRC F1 car by Daniel Norée, 3DSets 4wd trucks, sporty buggies, snowmobiles, tractors and planes and more kits are being added regularly. 5% of all kit sales is donated back to the original designers of the projects to help support their work. Keep an eye on the RCPrinter Youtube channel where we regularly test new 3D printed RC projects.”

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