OpenRC F1 2017

OpenRC F1 2017These are only the updated parts, the rest of the parts needed to build the full car can be found here:

To the 2017 Formula season the cars are updated on numerous points. Of course there´s more to it than meets te ye but some of the more notebale changes are to the design i guess. I ave choosen to change a couple of the parts to add a little “2017 look” to the OpenRC F1 with these parts.

Changes Made

OpenRC F1 2017The changes means an all over wider car, wider rear tires, wider rear axle. New, lower and wider rear wing and a minor change to the front wing making it slightly delta shaped. I should probably have put some more time into these updates but there´s no time so it´s open to anyone to edit these parts or make entirely new ones.

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STL Files:

OpenRC F1 2017STEP Files