Josef Průša at the bottom of a swimming pool

Back in 2013 there were no way near the amount of YouTube videos or content creators focusing on 3D printing that we have today. And for anyone seeking inspiration back in 2011, well that´s another blog post i´ve saved for later.

Anyhow back in 2013 the landscape for RepRap style 3D printers were alot different from what it is today. Josef Průša had been a RepRap core developer for quite some time and was already doing his thing. As a RepRap and open source evangelist he did talks, some of you can find on YouTube. One of those talks that i watched a couple of times back then is this one where he´s is not on a elevated stage but on the bottom of a dried out swimming pool. A different but rather cool approach. Check out the video below for some RepRap history!