OpenRC F1 2018

OpenRC F1 2018

Unlike the updates done to the F1 cars for the 2017 season this year the changes are not as visual and thus there are not many changes to be done to the OpenRC F1 design either, I will however make some minor additions and/or changes and they will all be listed on this page.

Until the 2018 update is finished STL´s will only be available on this page. Once finished, other sites will follow and STEP files will also be added.
Stay tuned to this page for further updates.

As always, questions are best asked (if not already asked before) on the OpenRC Q&A page.

OpenRC F1 2018 SharkfinSharkfin

Except for the “Halo” one of the more obvious changes for the 2018 season is the slightly cut sharkfin. What i´ve done is simply done a cut based on the newly released pictures of the 2018 F1 cars. It´s also extended further towards the rear wing. Other than that it´s exactly the same as the 2017 version.

Files: OpenRC_F1_2018_Sharkfin.stl


OpenRC F1 2018 HaloThis is probably one of the more controversial and most discussed changes in F1 in a long time. The purpose of the Halo is to protect the driver’s head from flying debris. The Halo is mandatory on all cars for the 2018 season. I´m not gonna go more into that here, thre´s plenty of information available if you search the internet. Anyhow, regardless if you like it or not a 2018 update package for the OpenRC F1 wouldn´t be complete without a Halo. At this stage it doesn´t have any mounting points and i´m not sure it´s needed either. If you want it you can easily glue it to the body. Otherwise we need to add changes to another 2 parts. Let me know your thougths on this in the comments because if you think it´s needed i will add it!

Files: OpenRC_F1_2018_Halo.stl