I´m moving to MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactoryIt´s getting increasingly difficult to stay on top of what´s going on through out the social media platforms and websites such as 3D file repositiories. There´s a steady flow of comments, PM´s, emails etc. In a attempt to increase my chances on stying on top of things i have decided to decrease the number of websites i´ll be posting my designs to. So starting now and for atleast the coming 6 months all designs will be posted to MyMiniFactory. There will be no uploads from me to Thingiverse and the other sites.


Some designs that are “in development” will be posted on my Patreon page and available to patrons. Once designs are finished they will be posted to MyMiniFactory with a slight delay. So if you want to be in on the testing and getting files early Patreon is the way to go.

Paid models

Another reason i will be using the MyMiniFactory platform is that it will enable me to charge for some models. I haven´t really figured out to what extent designs will be charged for but i´ll figure that out as i go. Some designs will also be availabe to Patrons. The reason for this is simply to enable me to put the time needed into this project. I need more time to deal with all the stuff surrounding these projects, answering questions etc and i´ve found it to be incedibly hard to get any financial support for doing open source projects style projects. And at this stage i simply can´t put as much of my free time into it as i used to.

Follow me on MyMiniFactory

So if you want to stay tuned to whats going on either head over to MyMiniFactory and give me a follow there or you can support me on Patreon if you like it´s up to you.


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  1. You’ve disabled comments on the BOM page but the links to the hobbyking parts are 404……