No MRRF 2019 for me

Joel, Dave, Anton & Me
Joel, Dave, Anton & Me Having Fun At MRRF

The Midwest RepRap Festival, probably my favourite 3D printing event ever is once again opening it´s doors next year in March. This amazing venue is a great place (if not THE place) to meet other 3D printing enhusiats aswell as representatives from the business. The companies you will find there are usually part of the open source movement or supporting the community in other ways. If you are able to go i think you should, it´s definitely worth it.

OpenRC F1 World Championships

This year was amazing and also extra special since the first ever OpenRC F1 Worlds was held much thanks to Matterhackers. Another highlight that was special was Joel bringing his crazy 4x OpenRC F1 so we could assemble it together at MRRF. All in all this was truly a amazing experience and i´m so happy i got to be a part of that historical event. There are always a ton of amazing people there to talk to and share experiences with. And if you want to bring your own project you should, you will find lot´s of others doing just that and what´s better than sharing what you´ve learned with others or even get some valuable input from others on a problem your trying to solve.

Things change

Me, Jerry & Nick
Me, Jerry & Nick

I´ve been at MRRF for the last two years and also planned on going next year as it´s always something to look forward to. But since i quit my job a few months ago i find myself in a different situation economically and simply can´t afford to go. I had a somewhat far fetched plan to get a sponsor but unfortunately in the end that didn´t work out. If this would have been another year i would probably have been super bummed out about this but i´m not , i mean it sucks and i really want to go but instead of being dissapointed i´d like to think of all the good times i´ve had the past two years. I´ve had a chance to meet so many awesome people and that´s probably the best part of it all i think.

Have a blast! =)

I´ll be back another time for sure and to all of you that are going, have a great time, enjoy every minute of it and make sure this one is the best MRRF ever! Much love and a merry christmas to all!