3D Printed GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

3D printed GoPro Karma Mounting RingSo for this winter i want to do alot more filming than past winters. By filming i mean primarily snowboarding and skiing. I´ll be using the OpenRC Mini Quad to do follow cam etc but i also want to use the GoPro Karma grip together with a extension arm. To do that i need a ring that goes on the Karma grip and can be secured to the extension arm. A mounting ring like that is available in stores but what´s the fun in that? I decided to draw one up in Fusion 360 and 3D print one instead.

3D printed in Facilan C8

This one is printed in Facilan C8 filament by ElogioAM. Supersimple design and print, no supprt needed. I printed this one in the ZYYXpro at 210°C without any cooling fan and no heated bed. As Facilan C8 have fairly good impact resistance som minor flex is introduced. I´ll see how this works out, one also have to take the low temperatures into account. Secured in both ends i don´t think that will be a problem but we´ll see!

Download and print

You can download the STL here.