Multipurpose GoPro Rig

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

This is a 3D printed mutlipurpose GoPro Rig designed to be enable multiple ways of holding it. It can be either holding it in front of you, holding it by the handle on top, using the foldable bottom part as a selfie stick or you can simply hang it in the top hole or simple place it on a table.
It´s also meant to be used with a external microphone on 3D printed GoPro Hero 3 frame with a hot shoe mount.

Concept Model

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

It was a test and i did a few iterations. I never felt i quite got it the way i wanted. I´ve used it a couple of times on events such as MRRF 2018 and 3D Meetup Sweden but i went back to a less complicated alternative. But that doesn´t mean you have to. You can always 3D Print one and see for yourself. Who knows, you might actually like it.

3D Printing

I´ve used carbon fiber infused nylon when testing this design. That means that tolerances, gaps etc are optimised for that setup in my ZYYXpro. So if your printing it in another material less prone to shrink you might need to do adjustments.

Future Improvements

If you want to work on this and further improve it, extending the table stand at the front is needed as it tends to fall over as the current design is.

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée
Selfie Handle

STL Files

Main Handle GoPro Rig By dNoree.stl

Selfie Handle GoPro Rig By dNoree.stl

Table Stand GoPro Rig By dNoree.stl


GoPro Rig By dNoree.step