Summmer sale at Banggood

Banggood´s summer sale is coming to a end. Obviously they have a ton of stuff but i´ve looked at getting more of some of the stuff i already got. Like the Flysky FS-A8S Mini Receiver, i tiny receiver that can fit in alot of projects due to it´s small form factor. On the […]

OpenRC F1 2019

OpenRC F1 2019 Updates 1

The 2019 F1 season is upon us with the first race in Melbourne on sunday! I meant to release the first updates for 2019 before the race so it´s about high time i guess. STL´s can be downloaded here! Of course there are tons of changes to the real cars […]

Facilan C8, the ultimate 3D printing filament? 2

This is a sponsored article in cooperation with ElogioAM. 3D printing Facilan™ C8 was first announced in November 2017 as a collaboration between 3D4makers and Perstorp. Few months later the two companies announced a joint venture agreement to form a 3D printing material company named ElogioAM and expand their collaboration […]

Facilan™ C8

Josef Prusa

Josef Průša at the bottom of a swimming pool

Back in 2013 there were no way near the amount of YouTube videos or content creators focusing on 3D printing that we have today. And for anyone seeking inspiration back in 2011, well that´s another blog post i´ve saved for later. Anyhow back in 2013 the landscape for RepRap style […]