I´m moving to MyMiniFactory 1

It´s getting increasingly difficult to stay on top of what´s going on through out the social media platforms and websites such as 3D file repositiories. There´s a steady flow of comments, PM´s, emails etc. In a attempt to increase my chances on stying on top of things i have decided […]


No MRRF 2019 for me

The Midwest RepRap Festival, probably my favourite 3D printing event ever is once again opening it´s doors next year in March. This amazing venue is a great place (if not THE place) to meet other 3D printing enhusiats aswell as representatives from the business. The companies you will find there […]

3D Printed GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

So for this winter i want to do alot more filming than past winters. By filming i mean primarily snowboarding and skiing. I´ll be using the OpenRC Mini Quad to do follow cam etc but i also want to use the GoPro Karma grip together with a extension arm. To […]

3D printed GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

Google plus openrc

Birthplace of the OpenRC community is finally shutting down

It was announced earlier this year that Google is finally shutting down it´s Google+ service. And while this is probably not a susprise to most people i´d like to take a moment to look back at my time with Google+ as it was where i decided to launch a OpenRC […]