No MRRF 2019 for me

The Midwest RepRap Festival, probably my favourite 3D printing event ever is once again opening it´s doors next year in March. This amazing venue is a great place (if not THE place) to meet other 3D printing enhusiats aswell as representatives from the business. The companies you will find there […]

3D printed GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

3D Printed GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

So for this winter i want to do alot more filming than past winters. By filming i mean primarily snowboarding and skiing. I´ll be using the OpenRC Mini Quad to do follow cam etc but i also want to use the GoPro Karma grip together with a extension arm. To […]

Birthplace of the OpenRC community is finally shutting down

It was announced earlier this year that Google is finally shutting down it´s Google+ service. And while this is probably not a susprise to most people i´d like to take a moment to look back at my time with Google+ as it was where i decided to launch a OpenRC […]

Google plus openrc

Affordable 3D printers to get you going with OpenRC F1

Winter is here and Christmas is around the corner. So I put together a list of 3D printers that will get you going with the OpenRC F1 project. These are fairly common within the community and if you want to get into the world of 3D printing and/or make your […]