I Quit My Job, Have No Plan And I´m Super Excited About It!

The Thing-O-Matic found it´s way back homeI like my job, i love my amazing co-workers but still, something tells me that there´s something else out there. I´m not sure what it is exactly but my gut tells me to take a chance and roll with it! So that´s why today, September 28 is my last day at Creative Tools.

My first 3D printer

In 2011 i bought my first 3D printer, a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic and it literally changed my life. I bought it from Swedish company Creative Tools, experts in all things 3D. No matter if it´s VFX, 3D printers, game development, 3D scanners etc, Creative Tools are on top of it. A company with handpicked employees all experts in their respective fields. In short a dream space to work in. At the time i was working in manufacturing and i enjoyed it very much but still glancing at Creative Tools thinking what a awesome place to work.

The start of a great friendship

After buying the Thing-O-Matic i stayed in contact with the awesome people at Creative Tools and over time we became great friends. While we did a couple of projects together (prototype 3D printers) one day i got the question that since i spent so much time with them i might aswell work there. And so i left the company i had worked for the last 15 years to become part of the Creative Tools dreamteam.

4 years of awesomeness

Me and Paulo Kiefe at MRRF 2017Creative Tools was founded by Paulo and Mona Kiefe in 2004. I don´t  think it very often you get a chance to work at a place where the owners value the employees as high as Paulo and Mona always did. Always looking out for what they considered their most valuable resource. During the almost 4 years i spent at Creative Tools we´ve been thru good times and hard times but always as a team. It´s been mostly crazy fun and i´m incredibly proud of having been given the opportunity to represent such a amazing company.

The move to Järvsö

About six months ago me and the family packed up our stuff and moved from the Swedish capital Stockholm 350km north to a new home, the beautiful  town of Järvsö. I had discussed this move with Paulo and Mona six months prior to moving and they supported us 100%. Being backed up by your employer doing something like this means alot and especially not having to look for a new job aswell as moving certainly helps.

New adventures awaits

I´m not sure if it´s being closer to nature that the entire family love so much or the entrepreneurial spirit of Järvsö or something entirely different but after we finally settled down in our new town the thought of doing something else for a living started to come up more and more. And when it came down to it the decision was a easy one. Leave the comfort of a job that i know to pursue something that i don´t even know what it is but am super excited about!

To my extended family

To the new owners of Creative Tools and my co-workers, you guys are awesome and i wish you the best of luck in the future! To Paulo and Mona wherever you are, thank you so much for beliving in me and my family, we love you both and wish you all the best!

And to everyone else, stay tuned!! 😉


  1. Happy trails my friend!

    Keep being awesome.

  2. I wish you all the best mate! Working at the office with you in Stockholm have been just awesome! Congratulations on the next steps!

  3. I know that feeling that there is more. I quit a good job 14 month ago to run my 3d printing service. It have been 12 months full of joy, stress, lot of work and many more experience for the rest of my life. But there were 3 major changes that came out of nowhere and lead me to get into a normal 8 hours job again.
    Wish you all the best!