Updated RunCam 3S Action Camera Released

RunCam 3SI´ve used a RunCam 3 to get HD footage while flying the OpenRC Mini Quad and even though it might not be as good as a GoPro session in terms of specs i think considering the price it was a reasonable alternative. Check this video if you want to see what the footage looks with the older RunCam 3 camera mounted from the OpenRC Mini Quad.


As you may or may not know the RunCam 3 was discontinued a while back apparently due to some controvery with GoPro due to the formfactor being almost indentical to the GoPro Session. When the last RunCam 3’s were sold out it left a empty space for those wanting a cheaper alternative to the GoPro Session. for a while there was the Foxeer Box but that eventually disappeard too.

The RunCam 3S

RunCam 3S removable batteryToday RunCam announced a updated version of the RunCam 3, The RunCam 3S. Not sure what the “S” stands for and at a glance there´s not a huge difference. As far as the design itself most notably there are chamfered edges instead of the rounded edges on the RunCam 3. One thing that´s new and i do like alot is a replaceable battery (850 mAh), big ups to RunCam for adding this as it´s something i´ve been missing. Behind the battery cover is also the SD card slot. The USB port have been moved to the back of the camera and the “Wifi/Mode Button” have been put on the top of the cameras rear panel.
A easy to replace lens cover has also been added. While you could replace it before too it just wasn´t as easy. The 3S also have a slightly wider field of view with 160° instead of 155° as on the original RunCam 3. WDR that worked well on the previous version is still there.

Dimensions are almost the same as before but slightly wider (2mm) at 40x38x37mm.

OpenRC Mini Quad

I will add this one to the list of electronics for the OpenRC Mini Quad for those interested. I have pre-ordered one from the Banggood website and i hope i get it to play with soon enough. Obviously there are plenty of reviewers that will have one beforehand and will show you all about it.

Specifications compared

Source: www.runcam.com

RunCam 3S RunCam 3
Field Of View 160° 155°
Video Resolution 1080p@60fps/1080p@50fps/1080p@30fps/720p@60fps 1080p@60fps/1080p@30fps/720p@60fps
Video File Format MOV MOV
Image Resolution 2MP 2MP
Communication Interface Micro USB  Micro USB
microSD card supported 64 Gb max 64 Gb max
Battery Capacity 850mAh 960mAh
USB Power Input DC 5-15V DC 5-17V
Power Consumption 620mA @5V 650mA @5V
Dimension 40x38x37mm 38x38x37.5mm
Net Weight 69g (with battery) 66g


Runcam 3s internals