OpenRC F1 100k Downloads Giveaway

So a while back the OpenRC F1 car reached 100.000 downloads on It had a slow start but it really took of last year and it´s been amazing seeing all those builds and of course all the improvements posted as remixes. The OpenRC community is great and i´m honored to be in the middle of such a amazing group of inspiring people.

So to celebrate this it´s about time we do a giveaway and here´s what you´ll find in the pricepool:

The winner takes it all but i may add a runner up price later.

Enter below and if you can please help spread the word. I will pick a winner after 30 days.




  1. would love to enter but after givving permission it says undefined 🙁

    • Would love to enter too, but after clicking on the subscribe buttons above (some of which I’m already subscribed to), it says…

      “This will allow to: Manage your YouTube account”.

      WHAT?? Don’t think so!

  2. I also tried to enter it also does not work for me. Is it over ?

  3. If you gave permission to manage YouTube account and want to undo it go here

  4. having trouble registering myself, asme issue as ppl below

  5. FYI for people having trouble etering. I got the same undefined error in Chrome as mentioned but it worked on Internet Explorer for me. Don’t forget to cleanup the access to your account afterwards like Commonsence mentioned

  6. Still printing the open RC F1 car so free electrics would be great to win. Kids will love it (and daddy too)?