Interview in Swedish newspaper Göteborgs Posten

Swedish Newspaper Göteborgposten approached me and asked if i´d be interested in doing a short story about 3D printing. You Had Me At Hello Obviously the answer to such a question is always YES! Ans so emails started to go back and forth aswell as phonecalls. And after a while this short piece started to … features OpenR/C Truggy

My 3D Printed OpenR/C Truggy has had it´s fair share of attention and the latest addition to the list of websites writing about the Truggy is R/C car website   If you want to read the article you can read it here.

OpenRC Touring Car

Files for the OpenRC Touring car released

The OpenRC Touring car was my first attempt at creating a 3D-printable R/C car. All the files for the OpenRC Touring car are now released and available to download for free. You can get them on sites like Thingiverse.