New OpenRC Project unveiled: OpenRC Formula 1

 I´m very proud to introduce the latest project, the OpenRC F1 car. 3D printable in PLA (of course you can print in any material you want) and hopefully all parts fits most buildplates. Except for electronics you need some screws, nuts and bearings! Also, i wanted it to look nice on the desk so even if you don´t want to put electronics in it you can print it to show it of as a cool 3Dprinted project.

A Challenge

It´s been a rough ride with this one, changing CAD software in the last minute and redesigning the entire thing didn´t make things easier. My goal was to release the files by tomorrow and even though i spent countless nights working on this thing lately unfortunately i didn´t make it. I´m almost there but there are some details that needs attention and i haven´t even been able to test drive it. I just put together a car to show tomorrow at the HobbyFair in Sweden, more pictures then. So hold on for a little while longer, i´ll release the files as soon as i can!!

Anyway, i hope you like car no. 3, i know i do!